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My dad was proud that in 1991 his tree farm at Idylease was selected as the Outstanding Tree Farm of the Year by the US Dept. of Agriculture and the State of New Jersey. He was attuned to the environment his entire life and saw the tree farm at Idylease as his contribution to conservation efforts. During the holiday season, his gravesite is adorned with a grave blanket made of branches from the trees he loved so. Merry Christmas Dad. Thank you to Andy Bennett at Ridge & Valley Forest Management for helping me maintain the 100 acre forest for generations to come.


Dr Arthur Zampella was recognized by the American Tree Farm System in 1991 as the Outstanding Tee Farmer of the Year in New Jersey.

The woodlands at Idylease have been a certified tree farm within the NJ Tree Farm Program (NJTFP) since 1987.

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Luella Jennings

June 17, 2023 at 11:25 am

I LOVE that the Idylease Estate is coming back to how it looked in its hay days! Keep up the fantastic work! From one of your Newfoundland neighbors.

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