Idylease Tree Farm

Winter Tree Harvest

  • USDA Mandated Cutting


Forest management activities in the form of intermediate and regeneration cuts where carried out on 10+|- acres in December of 2022 within the transition areas. These activities included the removal of dead, cull, diseased, storm damaged trees, crop trees, or thinning around individual crop trees. These activities may occur within Stands A-1, A-2, B, C, CFW, and S-WP.

The practice of applied forest management consists of intermediate and regeneration cuts. The objectives of intermediate cuts are to improve the existing stand, regulate tree growth, and provide early financial returns without any effort directed toward regeneration. Regeneration cuts are performed to harvest the timber crop and create environmental conditions favorable for forest regeneration. When properly carried out, the cutting of trees for a prescribed silvicultural purpose will minimize adverse impacts on the environment. Forest vegetation will be established naturally and soil disturbance will be limited.

First, it was spotted laternflies. Now, it's a highly invasive Beach Leaf disease that could be affecting trees at neighborhood parks, college campuses, and nature parks all across New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

The woodlands at Idylease have been a certified tree farm within the NJ Tree Farm Program (NJTFP) since 1987.

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Luella Jennings

June 17, 2023 at 11:25 am

I LOVE that the Idylease Estate is coming back to how it looked in its hay days! Keep up the fantastic work! From one of your Newfoundland neighbors.

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