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Idylease Participates in the
NJ Forest Stewardship Program

Among the many benefits of participation with the NJ State Forestry Services are the availability of technical management assistance which leads to environmentally responsible management of New Jersey's forest resources as a steward that maintains resources for present and future generations.

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We are Passionate About Conservation

We use science to better
manage and restore forests
to reduce greenhouse gas
emissions, store carbon and benefit people and wildlife.

Idylease Conservation
Protected Habitats
at Idylease

Idylease hosts a variety of
species including - white- tailed deer, black bear, turkey,
coyote, fox and several species
of turtles and snakes.

Idylease Fall Harvest

Outstanding Tree Farmer of the year
in NJ in 1991

In 1991 Dr. Arthur Zampella and his tree farm received the Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year (NJOTFY) recognizing great achievement in managing the natural resources of this woodland.


Tree Farm

Idylease Tree Farm is owned and operated by Richard Zampella who has oversite of the forest which has been managed for over 40 years. The previous Woodland Management Plan (WMP) was developed by Dennis Galway for the landowner in 2010. The plan expired at the end of 2020; A new plan has been certified which continues with the forest management under the guidance of Ridge and Valley Forest Management.



The Idylease Estate lies within West Milford Township, Passaic County, NJ.


Property Goals

Manage the Estate with established best forest management practices


Forest Use

The forested portion of the Estate makes up 94.80 +/- acres of the property.


Riparian Zones

Kanouse Creek is a creek that traverses the northeastern corner of the property.


Ecology and Biodiversity

The woodlot’s vegetative diversity consists of at least 63 different tree species


Timber Harvests

Regeneration cuts are performed annually to improve and regulate tree growth


Our Team

Idylease Tree Farm Partners with Ridge and Valley Forest Management
which has been managing healthy, productive, sustainable forests in Northern New Jersey since 1979


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